Global Online Video Respository

Two key pieces of the Alliance mission are: 

• Expand the application & contribution of organizational, industrial, & work psychology to society to improve the quality of work life & the effectiveness of individuals & organizations

• Advance the science & practice of organizational, industrial, & work psychology globally

This online video repository is designed to promote these goals. It is an open platform designed to capture global leaders’ opinions on topics beneficial to individuals & organizations in society. In doing so, we seeks to advance science and practice in a global context.

A topic with global significance will be listed and along with it 3-6 short videos produced by global experts. The videos will be 3-10 minutes in length. The videos will each address a topic from a different global perspective.  Three or so videos would discuss the topic from a research perspective and three or so would discuss from a practice perspective. 

Stay tuned for videos on:


Generational Differences



Have ideas for other videos, or requests for topics you're interested in? Email us!


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