History of the Alliance

When I was President of CPA (1999-2000) I was surprised to learn that it is the number of members in an association that garners the attention of the Federal Government. Hence, nurses more easily get a response from the government than CPA, let alone CSIOP.

When I was President of SIOP (2008), I put this information to use. I contacted the President of EAWOP (Franco Fraccanoli), and the President of Division 1, Work and Organizational Psychology (José Maria Peino) of IAAP to form an alliance so as to increase the numbers (i.e., members) behind us when we in I-O psychology speak. I explained the following advantages of doing so:

(1) Increase our visibility to the public (e.g., the press, the governments in sundry countries).

(2) Ditto with regard to regulatory bodies, especially those controlled largely by health related psychologists, not to mention ASPPB and the clinicians in APA.

(3) Decrease the membership dues for those of us who belong to two or more of the above three organizations (SIOP, EAWOP, Division 1 of IAAP).

(4) Related to #1, endorse or critique public policies helpful/harmful to the science and practice of psychology.

(5) Ditto with regard to the public.

(6) Write “white papers” in jargon free language to inform the public on issues that organizational psychologists have expertise.

There was a signing ceremony involving we three Presidents at the 2009 annual meeting of SIOP. The AOM is now 10 years old.


Testimonials from Member Organizations

SIOP President

EAWOP President

EAWOP President


"AOP is an opportunity for connection, collaboration, and coaction that exists nowhere else in our field. By linking together the global community of organizational psychologists, the Alliance represents a cornerstone of the future of the profession. Such connections will be key to efforts to bring the science and practice of organizational psychology to bear on worldwide business and social problems."

| Eden King, President, SIOP 

EAWOP President

EAWOP President

EAWOP President


“Many of the challenges that Organisational Psychologist face are not unique to one continent or country but are shared across the globe. Global changes and problems determine our common agenda: climate change, global health, ageing, inequality, fake news or new digital technology. Also when it comes to the future of our own discipline and profession, societal changes are not held back at Europe's borders. If we want to reshape our science and practice and contribute to solving global problems, we need to team up and build connection with our partners across the world. The Alliance is our global platform, where organisational psychologists can speak with one voice.”

| Frederik Anseel, President, EAWOP

IAAP Division 1 President

IAAP Division 1 President

IAAP Division 1 President


  “We have global world problems as climate change, artificial intelligence and machine learning, diversity, inclusion at work, changing nature of work and economy, global health, ageing, inequality, fake news or new digital technology. 

AOP should address these problems on “meta” level thanks to  AOP’s uniqueness and  specifics  as an organization on “meta” level which  should offer synergy effect  of EAWOP, Division 1 IAAP , SIOP, CSIOP and other  organizations. AOP main goal  is  to influence society.  It’s political but AOP should take this risk.

I think the Alliance of  IAAP Division 1, SIOP and EAWOP  and other organizations  could strengthen  and  enhance the contributions of organizational psychology to the global society, develop more effective communication and collaboration among the federated societies as well as advance the science and practice of organizational psychology internationally. 

However,  I  think that there are some conditions to make it happen:

  1. To find “meta” level of WOP co-operating  by developing strategies how to make WOP more visible and influential;
  2. To solve a problem how to develop structural form which will give synergy effect (to have more and not only just the sum of each one IAAP, EAWOP, SIOP, CSIOP and oth.) by forming subgroups, inviting influential people, global important organizations etc.;
  3. To motivate members to do more, not only to attend conferences or congresses - offer interesting and globally important, indicating international importance of the tasks especially for WOP.”

| Barbara Kożusznik, President, IAAP Division 1


IAAP Division 1 President

IAAP Division 1 President


"The Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (CSIOP) and its members are proud to be part of the Alliance for Organizational Psychology (AOP). We view the AOP as a unique and important initiative to promote the visibility and impact of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at a global level, and to connect or partner with other associations around the world. CSIOP and its members have contributed to various international events, such as the 2018 Small Group Meeting "Advancing International Research and Practice on the Work-Family Interface" in Turkey, and co-hosted the 2018 conference with the International Association of Applied Psychology in Montreal. CSIOP seeks to promote and support future global organizational psychology efforts and look to the AOP for continued forward direction."

| Nicolas Roulin, Chair, CSIOP 

 The Alliance is necessarily a network. Here you will find links to groups & websites about work & organizational psychology.

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